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R&D and engineering working time for the design and construction of Compact 125 during 2020

Everyday, the electric energy plays a role increasingly important in our life and it is going to replace fossil fuels much more polluting in our life.

By 2030, 32% of the electric energy used in Europe is coming from renewables but as at 2027 the wind energy will replace any other energy sources thanks to its multiple qualities.

In Optiturb we trust a wind energy for everybody, everywhere there is an electrical consumption, easy obtainable and always available.

For this project, we designed Compact 125, our wind power turbine able to produce 125.000 KW/h yearly at 5 ms average wind speed, and for this reason we offer it to our clients as a rental taking care of it for the next 25 years.

Compact 125 with its 23 meters of rotor, and its adaptability to any contest, is the wind power turbine able to bring a new life to wind power farms with low performance or not functioning, letting them to continue to benefit from the FIT and/or electricity consumption.

In addition, thanks to yearly production, this wind power turbine is ideal for new installation, on / off grid, to benefit from the incentive programs, FIT or to use the electric energy produced in self consumption.